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Mac Logistic Group Ltda., is a freight forwarder that provides comprehensive services in international transport logistics in a reliable and safe manner. We have the infrastructure, technology according to the current needs of the market and a team of professionals with a high level of commitment and awareness to develop the company's activities. We accompany and advise clients throughout the process to know their needs, conditions and expectations in depth, and thus be able to respond to their projects with the highest efficiency and quality possible. Likewise, our human talent stands out for its commitment and sense of belonging to the organization, being this a permanent reflection of the human character of the company.




Mac Logistic Group was constituted as the life plan of three professionals in International Trade of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Bogotá City). As the years passed, this project has been nourished by new people, dreams and ideas. Allowing us to witness the progress of the work team, the evolution of the company’s facilities, the diversification of services, in addition to the expansion of coverage in the Colombian and global market.


This allows us to have a strong foundation, as well as a coherent and realistic mission  with a projection of stable and meaningful growth.

What makes us unique?

Experience and expertise

Social responsibility

High quality work team

Monitoring, support and compliance

Our Quality Guarantee

Mac Logistic Group is characterized by having an excellent team, built from a humanistic vision and constituted by the commitment of all its collaboratos. Therefore the foundation of our company is human quality.
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